• Diary
    The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Watch out as mind-boggling secrets unfold in this movie.
  • The Date
    The Date
    The much anticipated movie of the century will soon hit your screens people.
  • Ife Mi
    Ife Mi
    "Love is a beautiful feeling when you are with the right person" There is so much to feel and love in this romantic.
  • Falling
    A perfect love story is threatened by an unforeseen tragedy. Will true love stand the test of time? Keep your finger's crossed.
  • Omoge Lekki
    Omoge Lekki
    Money answers all things but certainly doesn't satisfy all things. Get intrigued with the show of desperation and its consequences in this classic movie.
  • Would You Still Love Me
    Would You Still Love Me
    No matter how sweet the game for love is, it shouldn't be taken too far. Brenda is made to bear the brunt of Serb's selfish game, all in the name of love.
  • Timeless Love
    Timeless Love
    True love never dies. George is determined to take his love to any level even though it might never be reciprocated.
  • Agbejoro
    "Should we then say that the "Profession" one choose to do says a lot about our way of life? Barrister Coker does justice to every case brought to her, whether it hurts the party involved or not, it's not her concern.. But can this profession save her life from the "Doom" that awaits her?, find out in "AGBEJORO" [ THE LAW]
  • Kodi Ologbon Aye
    Kodi Ologbon Aye
    A saying goes thus, " I will use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise". Kodi's(The so called wise man but foolish in all aspect) quest for a good life from the mermaids of the river reveals the deep secret of the entire village. Is this secret going to save the village from a total "Destruction" or cause more harm than good to the village? Find out in this comic and interesting movie.
  • Black Val
    Black Val
    In the atmosphere of love, a man experiences the reverse of his romantic intentions to his wife. Thrill your emotions with this blockbuster movie.
  • Shikemi
    "fate" & Destiny are both intertwined, Good or bad one just have to accept one of it. Which then can be categorized as "Shikemi's portion, as life challenges toss her around. Find out which one she accepts in this suspense and thrilling movie.
  • Orijendele
    It is believed that when one run a race to get wealth by all means negatively, Then the end result turns out terrible. But can the case of Tobi [Niyi johnson], be likened to this philosophy?, Was he wrong wanting to get rich and be able to care for his family?, Can the step he took be considered as Bad luck towards his family?. Find the answers to these puzzle in this interesting movie "orijendele"
  • Ishipaya
    Everybody has his cross to bear", weather big or small, so they say. Can Mr olorugbebe bear his cross of "Christianity ', staring at him at the face or not?. This is a "BIG" puzzle to solve in this suspense filled movie.
  • Sababi Edi
    Sababi Edi
    life sometimes could be cruel, giving you the one thing you have always desired at the worst time. The case of kike(Funke Akindele) A single mother is likened to this scenario. Can she make the best out of it or not?, This is a movie filled with suspense, emotions and love.
  • One Fine Day
    One Fine Day
    ''Kamar is a bitch'', so it is said and it definitely has no favourites. Kunle meets his waterloo when he decides to get married to a lady, who is strongly connected to his ugly past.
  • The Boss Is Mine
    The Boss Is Mine
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  • The Meeting
    The Meeting
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  • Affairs Of The Heart
    Affairs Of The Heart
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  • Shadow
    He who dines with the devil should ensure to use a long spoon. Bibi gets the brunt of all her evil schemes with Jumol and pays dearly for it, just as she is about to begin a new life. A suspense-filled and intriguing movie.
  • Red Line
    Red Line
    When Vengeance is taken too far, the avenger becomes guilty. Chioma's quest for revenge puts her in a life-threatening situation, where only true love can set her free.
  • Esin Mi
    Esin Mi
    'Both Christian and muslim serve the same God", This was the saying of femi as he tricked Aishat to marry her irrespective of their different religion. Things take a twist after their marriage which causes more harm than good.
  • Victims
  • Mobile App
  • Mr and Mrs Onoja
    Mr and Mrs Onoja
    Ramsey, a rich and handsome casanova entraps himself in Casey's web of fury when he decides to treat her like every other girl he had met. The effect of what she does to him afterwards, changes his live forever
  • Iseju Kan
    Iseju Kan
    The seed of discord is sown in the lives of a mother and her daughter, when the mother's promiscuous way with men young enough to be her son, leads her to the arms of her daughter's fiance. The aftermath of this affair will change their lives forever
  • Beyond Disability
    Beyond Disability
    Paul's generosity leads him to helping a disabled young girl, bringing out the best her. He is yet to find out that this disabled stranger is much more than he had ever imagined.
  • One Night In Vegas
    One Night In Vegas
    A couple try to enhance their troubled relationship with a trip to Las Vegas, the events that occur don’t go as planned but unlike the popular saying, ‘what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas""One Night In Vegas" is a thrilling Nollywood movie about relationships, friendship and betrayal.
  • Diana's Verdict
    Diana's Verdict
    An abused wife murders her husband and reports to the police. Only the truth about what really happened at the crime scene can determine her fate
  • Egan
    Perosola finally conceives after much delay in having a child with her loving husband, but her arrogant attitude and bad-temper cause her great and unbearable pain.
  • Being Mrs Elliot
    Being Mrs Elliot
    Lara a beautiful society lady had everything going well for her; a lovely home, highly successful career and a cool-headed handsome husband. A freak accident changed all that and turned her world topsy-turvy. There is a thin line between this drastic change and what she's used to but then she is faced with the onerous task of choosing which one.
  • Koto
    Keji is diagnosed of leukemia and is in urgent need of a blood transfusion.During this process, hidden and strange secrets of her maternity are being unveiled.
  • Triangle
    Three sisters with previous bad experiences with men, seem to later find true love in the same man. This raises dust between the siblings but strangely results in much joy and satisfaction in the end
  • Tani Aseni
    Tani Aseni
    A young man who wanted power by all means was mandated to commit an abominable act. After achieving his new found power, he oppressed and harassed his victims which later came back to haunt him in the future.
  • October 1
    October 1
    Here is the First Official Trailer of the movie 'October 1'. It's September 1960 and Nigeria's is on the verge of independence from British colonial rule. A northern Nigerian Police Detective, DAN WAZIRI, is urgently despatched by the Colonial Government to the trading post town of Akote in the Western Region of Nigeria to solve a series of female murders that have struck horror in the hearts and minds of the local community. On getting to Akote, more murders are committed. With local tension rising, Waziri has a race on his hands to solve the case before even more local women are killed.
  • Silence
    Ebunoluwa was a young lady who was traumatized from childhood by constant abuse. She was forced into a pre-arranged union and her life was a living hell. Things got out of control and she decided to take matters into her own hands.
  • The Heartbreaker's Revenge
    The Heartbreaker's Revenge
    It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; that seems to be the case of a dutiful housewife whose cheating husband has been paid back with an usual revenge before his very own eyes. Revenge is sweet but while seeking it, dig two graves - one for yourself. An edgy and intriguing thriller filled with suspense.
  • Phone Swap
    Phone Swap
    Akin and Mary bumped into each other and accidentally swapped their identical phones.This unusual turn in event and mistaken text message caused a change in location and they had to do each others biddings. They experience a new world from their ordinary lifestyle and found true love.
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  • The Perfect Plan
    The Perfect Plan
    A blind mother gives her son an ultimatum to get married so she can hear the voices of her grandchildren before she dies, not being able to get his ‘ever busy’ girlfriend to spend time with his mother, he comes up with a perfect plan- a plan that will change the course of destiny.